How to Become an Insurance Broker in Ontario

The requirements to become and Insurance Broker in Ontario, Canada.
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Selling home, car, travel, and business insurance is a great business. The industry is relatively recession-proof and jobs are high paying as well with tons of autonomy and growth opportunities. And with many people in the industry retiring out, there are a lot of job openings for new people who want to become an insurance broker in Ontario.

To become an insurance broker in Ontario, you need to follow a very simple 3 step process:

  • Step 1: Study the RIBO 1 course
  • Step 2: Pass the RIBO 1 exam
  • Step 3: Apply for jobs/your license (your new employer will sponsor your license application)

This will give you your Level 1 (RIBO Entry Level 1) license and qualify you to start selling and advising the public on all types of general insurance. That means you can sell home, car, travel, and all kinds of business insurance. After this, you may want to consider getting additional licensing levels such as your RIBO 2 Unrestricted Technical or RIBO 3 Unrestricted Management license.

While this sounds simple, Step 2 has traditionally been the most difficult for many people. Students are left by themselves to slog through hundreds of pages of dry text or hours scrolling through Google to find answers to their questions.

We’ve helped simplify this process with our simplified online courses. We teach the concepts you need to know for the exam in a simple way through text and multimedia lectures suited for all kinds of learning styles. Instead of carrying around a heavy textbook, you can bring our learning materials with you on any device and learn on the go. And if you are stuck on a concept, you can reach out to a course tutor via email or live chat for help.

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