How to Become an Insurance Agent in Ontario

To become an insurance agent in ON, you need to pass the OTL exam.
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Insurance is a great career because it pays well, it is recession-proof (even during a pandemic insurers are hiring), and it doesn’t require any education aside from passing a licensing exam. It can be hard to find good information online about how to become an insurance agent in Ontario so hopefully this guide can help.


An insurance agent in Ontario is someone who represents one insurance company and sells their products. This is different from an insurance broker who can work with multiple insurance companies. One is not necessarily better than the other but there are other key differences between insurance agents vs insurance brokers that you should consider first.


Once you understand the differences between the 2 and have chosen to become an insurance agent, getting licensed is a very simple 3 step process:

  1. Study the Other Than Life (OTL) Course.
  2. Register for and pass the Other Than Life (OTL) Exam. Information on how to register, what the exam looks like, etc. can be found on our website and in the Introduction section of your course.
  3. Find a job with an insurer and complete a General Insurance Agent application form with FSCO.


Once you’ve studied, passed the exam, and found an insurer to work for, there are some other requirements you need to meet:

  1. You need to be of good character and reputation
  2. Be a suitable person and meet all licensing requirements (such as those described here and on the FSCO website)
  3. Not be engaged in any other business or occupation that would create conflicts of interest (ie. a doctor cannot sell life insurance to his patients)
  4. Hold yourself out publicly and carry on business in good faith as a general insurance agent online in the name in which the agent is licensed (this is important for immigrants who might have an English name alongside an ethnic name)
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