Auto Insurance License in Alberta

The interest in automobile insurance is one of the attractions of the insurance industry and this article will help in getting an auto insurance license in Alberta
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For a lot of people getting into the insurance industry for the first time, their main reason is to sell car insurance. And for good reason. The auto insurance market is the largest in the world and everyone has to buy it making it very easy to sell. But when it comes down to it, how do you get an auto insurance license in Alberta?


A career in auto insurance is exciting. You get to meet new people every day and there’s a job type for everyone. If you like the stability of office work, you can do that. If you like being on the road, you can do that as well. Many auto insurance brokers will visit clients at their homes, business, or dealerships to sell car insurance.

It’s not a complicated job, but it’s also not something you can start doing right away. There are some educational requirements to meet first.

To become an auto insurance agent or broker in Alberta, you first have to pass the General Insurance Level 1 exam administered by the Alberta Insurance Council (AIC). But before you can take the provincial licensing exam, you need to first study with an Approved Education Provider (like PNC Learning’s Alberta Level 1 course).

Once you register for and pass the exam and get the license, you can sell car insurance in Alberta. You’re also certified to sell other types of general insurance as well such as home, business, and different types of liability insurance. While car insurance is a good start, many people also choose to branch out and offer other services to your clients.

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