Auto Insurance License Course Ontario

The RIBO 1 auto insurance course in Ontario is your first step to get licensed as an automobile insurance broker.
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If you want to become an auto insurance broker in Ontario, you first have to get licensed as a general insurance broker. The auto insurance license course in Ontario is called the RIBO 1 course.

By completing the course and passing the RIBO 1 exam, you’ll be qualified to become an insurance broker. Even if you intend to focus on auto insurance, you’ll legally be able to sell all types of home, business, and even travel insurance with this license so there is no limit to where you career can take you.


Getting your auto insurance license in Ontario involves a simple 3 step process:

  1. Study the auto insurance license course for Ontario (aka the RIBO 1 cours)
  2. Pass the RIBO 1 exam
  3. Apply for jobs and complete your licensing paperwork

The studying part is probably the most complicated and time consuming but that is what our courses are here to help with. We teach concepts in a simple way to help people of all backgrounds easily learn exactly what they need to know to pass the exam.


Auto insurance is a great place for new brokers to start their insurance careers. If you like insurance because it is a stable industry, then you will like auto insurance even more because it is probably the most stable segment of this industry.

Auto insurance is such a good training ground for new brokers because everyone needs it. If you drive a car, you are required by law to carry automobile insurance so it is an easy sale. Once you pass the exam and get licensed, you can easily just call up your friends, family, and community members for business. Everyone needs it, it is the same insurance regardless of who they use, so why wouldn’t they get their insurance through a friend?

Most brokers start in auto insurance to understand the basics of the industry and how to deal with customers. After that, they can move on to more complex risks like commercial insurance.

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