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Here is what you need to know about the RIBO license
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If you’re just starting out considering insurance as a career and have started doing some research (which might be why you’re reading this), then you might have heard about RIBO and maybe a dozen other acronyms like CAIB, CIP, OTL, LLQP, etc. What I’m hoping to do with this piece if to answer the question: “what is a RIBO license”, how you get it and what it allows you to do.


A RIBO license lets you work as a general insurance broker in Ontario. That means you can sell car, home, commercial, liability, and other types of property and casualty insurance. To sell life or health insurance, you will need an LLQP license (a topic for another day).

An insurance broker is different from an insurance agent in that a broker can sell products from multiple insurance companies whereas an agent can only sell products from 1 insurer (to get your insurance agent license, you should take the Other-than-life aka. OTL exam).

There are 3 levels of broker license with varying levels of authority:

  • Level 1: To get this, you need to pass the RIBO Entry Level exam. This license lets you work as a broker but only while under the supervision of someone with a Level 2 or higher license.
  • Level 2: To get this, you need to pass the RIBO Unrestricted Technical exam or by attaining your CAIB Designation. This level of license let’s you work without supervision.
  • Level 3: You need to pass the the RIBO Unrestricted Management exam for this level. Once you hold a Level 3, you’re able to become the Principal Broker and own/manage your own brokerage. You need to be licensed for at least 2 years before you can move to your Level 3.


As explained above, there are different exams you need to pass for each level of licensing. Examinations are administered by the Registered Insurance Brokers of Ontario with locations all over Ontario and Canada.

There are many ways to prepare for these exams but our online RIBO courses are very popular way for students short on time to get licensed.

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