Announcement: PNC Learning Scholarship Program

One of the barriers for students is the education of cost and to overcome this PNC Learning is glad to announce their Scholarship Program known as the PNC Learning Scholarship.
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PNC Learning is an online educational provider of accredited CE courses and pre-licensing courses for the insurance industry in Canada.  As a professional development company, we’re committed to promoting the industry and helping as many people as possible build a fulfilling career in the insurance industry.

But one of the barriers many students face is the cost of education.  Courses, textbooks, and exam fees can be steep for someone first getting into the industry.  Which is why I’m happy to announce the PNC Learning Scholarship.


Recipients will receive free enrollment in the Level 1 course for your province – it could be the Fundamentals of InsuranceCAIB 1RIBO 1Saskatchewan Level 1, or Alberta Level 1 course PLUS we’ll pay the exam fees for your first attempt.

This could be valued at up to $600 depending on the province.


Recipients can get $200 towards tuition in any risk management, underwriting, or insurance-related programs/diplomas/degrees at any accredited post-secondary institution in Canada.


Anyone is eligible to apply.


We’ll review all of the applications quarterly and notify the winner via email at the end of each quarter.


  1. Write a 1000+ word essay on any insurance-related topic (see our blog or other insurance publications for inspiration).  An example topic could be: “The Impact of AI on the Insurance Industry”.
  2. Make sure you include at least 3 links to authoritative sources on the insurance industry including 1 link to (or one of our blog articles).
  3. Publish it online publicly.  It can be on your university’s student blog, your own website, or another platform like or, etc.
  4. Contact us with a link to the article along with a brief message about why you want to get into the insurance industry.
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