Alberta General Level 1 GLQP Program

What is Alberta's GLQP program and how is it helping the low passing rates of the General Insurance Level 1.
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For a long time, Alberta has had probably the lowest passing rate for the General Insurance Level 1 exam in Canada. The issue was so bad that there were articles published about the low pass rates in Insurance Business Magazine. To fix this, the Alberta Insurance Council (AIC) enacted a new Alberta General Level 1 GLQP program in 2019 with a full rollout in January 1st, 2020.


As mentioned previously, the Level 1 GLQP program is designed to help address the issue of low pass rates by ensuring students have undergone a proper education process prior to writing the exam. Starting January 1st, 2020, all students who want to write the Level 1 exam need to have taken a course or training with an AIC approved GLQP education provider. After completing the training, your education provider will certify you to write the AIC GIL 1 exam.


The approval process is simple. Once you reach 100% completion in our Alberta Level 1 course, you’ll receive an email with instructions on how to create your CIPR account and get certified by us to write the exam. But to reach 100% completion in our course, you will also need to pass our computer-generated mock final exam.

Although we call it a final exam, it really isn’t that scary. You can write it as many times as you need and there is nothing stopping you from referencing your study materials as you go through the exam (although it is not recommended). Once you have passed the exam and completed the course, you can still continue to use that computer-generated mock final exam to prepare for the real thing.

In my opinion, the best way to use the mock final is to treat it like a real exam. Give yourself a maximum of 2 hours to complete it and do not cheat by looking at your study materials. This will give you a true measure of how much you know.

Once you have been certified, you can log into the AIC portal using your CIPR number and choose your exam date and location.

PNC Learning is an AIC approved GLQP education provider by the Alberta Insurance Council. Learn more about our Alberta General Insurance Level 1 course.

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