Where can I write the exam? (Exam Locations)

Exam registration information is included in the Introduction section of your course.
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Exam locations vary depending on which province you are in and what exam you are writing.  We have included exam information such as registration, schedule, and locations in the Introduction Section of your course.

Here are some extra resources for you organized by exam/province:

  1. Ontario/RIBO: https://www.pnclearning.com/2020/02/04/ribo-exam-dates-2020/
  2. Alberta: https://www.abcouncil.ab.ca/schedules-locations/
  3. BC: In BC, exams are written at the IBABC office in downtown Vancouver or with a proctor at your local college/university.
    1. If you are registering for Fundamentals of Insurance: https://www.ibabc.org/careers-and-education/licensing-education-a-designations/fundamentals-of-insurance.html#ifyouliveinvancouver
    2. If you are registering for a CAIB exam: https://www.bcbrokercareers.ca/careers-and-education/licensing-education-a-designations/caib.html#caibexams

Contact your local provincial insurance brokers association or regulator for more information.

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