How to Register & Write the Insurance Exam in BC

How to register and the ways you can take the exam in different regions of British Columbia.
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So you’re done studying – you’ve put in the time and you feel ready to take the exam.  Great!  Here’s everything you need to know about registering for the exam in BC.

If you’re inside of the Lower Mainland, things are simple for you.  They put on paper exams a few times a year and computer-based exams every week on Wednesday and Friday @ 10am or 1pm.  Registering for the exam costs $195.  It also costs $75 to cancel or defer an exam.  You must bring your candidate code and a piece of Government issued photo ID with you to the exam.

One key limitation of the computer-based exam is that after you are done a section, you must move forward; you cannot go back to revise your answers.  If you can wait, I suggest taking the paper exam if you can wait for it.  Here is the online registration form for the Fundamentals exam.

If you’re outside of Greater Vancouver/Lower Mainland you can write the exam any time Monday through Friday between 9am and 4:30pm but you must make advance arrangements with an eligible proctor to oversee your exam.

Your proctor can be a Level 3 License holder if the test is taken at your brokerage office, a government administrator, or even an education professional who is currently employed at an accredited university/college.  More info on proctor selection and edibility can be found here.

Please note that once you register for your exam date, you have 1 year to write it.  Otherwise, you will need to make another payment of $195 in order to write again.

I hope this helps some people, if you still have questions or are unclear on things, feel free to contact me.

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