Alberta Adjuster Level 1 Exam Information

The exam contains 40 General questions, 25 Property Insurance questions, 25 Automobile insurance questions, and 10 Liability Insurance questions for a total of 100 multiple choice questions.
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Summary: If you want to become an independent adjuster in Alberta, you first need to pass the Alberta Insurance Council (AIC) Level 1 Adjuster exam. This guide will give you the key Alberta adjuster exam information you need to help you pass the Level 1 exam.

An insurance adjuster is responsible for investigating a claim, seeing if it is covered by the policy, and if so, how much the insured gets paid for the loss. It is an interesting job that can suit all types of personalities and preferences. For people that want to work in the office, there are in-house adjusters working in claims centers. For people who like to get outside and move around, there is a job for you too! Many times, adjusters will need to travel to the scene of the loss in order to properly adjudicate the claim and so if you don’t like to sit in an office, this job could be great for you too!


We provide a comprehensive online Alberta Level 1 Adjuster course to help prepare you for the exam.


The exam contains 40 General questions, 25 Property Insurance questions, 25 Automobile insurance questions, and 10 Liability Insurance questions for a total of 100 multiple choice questions.

The passing grade required is 70% and you have 2 hours to complete the exam.


The adjuster exam registration process and the Alberta general insurance broker exam registration process is similar. The only difference is that you DO NOT need a GLQP certification from PNC Learning to write it.

This guide should cover all of the Alberta adjuster exam information you need to know prior to signing up for the course and writing the exam. If there is anything else you would like to know, review some of the other resources on our blog and then contact us if you need further assistance.

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