COVID-19 RIBO Exam Update – New Announcement from RIBO

In-Person exams opening for members of IBAO or IBAC.
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[Aug 19, 2020 Update:] The I.B.A.O. is putting on in-person RIBO 1 exams for their members. If you are employed at a brokerage that is a member of them or the I.B.A.C. then you may be able to contact them to arrange an in-person exam.

[June 18, 2020 Update:] While the online exams were reserved for students that were the most immediately impacted by the pandemic, RIBO is now in a position to open up the online exams to the general public starting July.

On May 15th, RIBO released the following COVID-19 exam update:

Even though Ontario is systematically reopening in-person exams are not a viable option at the moment for the safety of students and staff. BUT, they also can’t withhold the exams for too long.

To address this issue, they have contracted with the Insurance Institute of Canada to administer online exams on their exam platform using a virtual proctoring service (ProctorU).


The exams will be restarting on May 29th.


New application forms will be released shortly but for now, they are prioritizing people who had their exams cancelled in March, April and May before releasing the virtual exams to other applicants.


The exam is written online so it can be home at home, in your office, or wherever else. At the start of the exam, your proctor will ask you to download a program which allows your proctor to monitor you during your exam. You can uninstall the program afterwards.

For the time being, the RIBO exam registration procedures have been changed slightly. You’ll need to email RIBO with your full name, email address, phone number, and mailing address confirming that you have read the new rules. After that, you’ll receive an email from the Insurance Institute of Ontario to confirm you exam schedule. After you complete the exam and it has been marked, you’ll receive the results from RIBO via email.


To enable online proctoring of your exam, you will need:

  • A computer desktop/laptop computer
  • A microphone/camera
  • Chrome or Firefox web browser
  • Valid photo ID (passport, drivers license, etc.)

This ensure the IIC proctor can monitor you during your exam to ensure you’re not cheating, etc. You’ll need to download and install LogMeIn and Proctor U onto your computer (detailed instructions will be provided).

Many students enrolled in our RIBO 1 course (and other RIBO courses) have been wondering about whether exams will start soon and I’m happy to announce this COVID-19 RIBO exam update. If you have any questions about the new arrangement, don’t hesitate to reach out and ask.

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