COVID-19 BC Insurance Licensing Exam Procedures

How the exam procedure is being revamped after the COVID-19 and how PNC Learning is helping in this situation.
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In light of the COVID-19 pandemic and the need to enforce social/physical distancing to flatten the curve, there has been a change in the BC insurance licensing exam procedures.

Because of COVID-19, the I.B.A.B.C. offices in downtown Vancouver are closed and you won’t be able to write the exams there. BUT, there are still many flexible exam writing options available for students.

If you are working for an insurance brokerage in BC, you can write the exam at these locations:

  • Educational Institution (ie. an accredited college or university)
  • Government Location (ie. a Service Canada office, BC Services, or other Government Exam Centre)
  • Your own brokerage office (your exam will be proctored by your nominee – a Level 3 broker)

If you are not currently working for an insurance brokerage in BC, you can still write the exam at the first 2 locations listed above.

Pro Tip: when you’re contacting an educational institution for proctoring services, ask to speak with their continuing education department.

Many of these exam locations were already available to students writing outside of the Lower Mainland so there’s no changes there. The main difference is that these alternate locations are now available to Lower Mainland students as well. To register, you need to go through the usual process of nominating a proctor and registering for the online exam.

The I.B.A.B.C. has done a great job of ensuring access to exams despite the current climate. There really are no changes to the insurance licensing exam procedures and availability in BC aside from extending the different exam location options to students/brokers living in the Lower Mainland.


As you might have seen on our course website, we’re extending enrollments for free for students that have had their exams postponed or if they’re unable to register prior to course expiry because of COVID-19. If you are ill or have been diagnosed with COVID-19, we’re also offering special consideration to these students on a confidential case-by-case basis.

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As always, I hope you, your family, and your work teams are doing well in these challenging times. Stay home, stay safe, and stay healthy. My team and myself wish all of you the best of luck. If you need additional support or even just to talk with someone, we’re available anytime.

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