What is the Removal Clause?

A removal clause allows your policy to extend temporary coverage to locations not named on the policy.
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The removal clause allows your policy to temporarily extend coverage to unnamed locations following an insured loss if the property was "necessarily" removed in order to protect it from loss or further loss.

For example, if a windstorm blew the roof off of your house (an insured peril/loss) and if you left all of the electronics and furniture in your living room, those items would be susceptible for further loss.  In order to save the insurer money, they will extend coverage to another location (ie. a storage locker) to encourage you to move the property and protect it from further loss.

The duration of this extension is 7 days as per the Insurance Act but other policies such as the Homeowners policies extend it to 30 days.  When you see a question about duration, pay attention to whether they're asking you about a Homeowners policy or Insurance Act.

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