New RIBO Ethics Course – RIBO Accredited

PNC Learning has devised 2 new Accredited RIBO ethics course that equals 1 CE hour each and is a requirement for regular RIBO.
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As part of our ongoing effort to create a full education package for insurance brokers in Ontario, we’re pleased to announce the release of 2 new accredited RIBO ethics course worth 1 CE hour each.

In Ontario, all licensed RIBO brokers have to meet certain CE requirements in order to maintain their license. Credits must be earned between October 1st and September 30th (the licensing period).

Regular RIBO brokers need 8 CE credits each year meeting the following minimum requirements:

  • 1 Ethics CE credit hour
  • 3 Technical CE credit hours
  • up to 2 Personal Skills CE credit hours

Principal Brokers and Deputy Principal Brokers are held to a higher standard of 10 CE hours that meet the following minimum requirements:

  • 1 Ethics CE credit hour
  • 5 Management Ce credit hours
  • Personal Skills CE credits do not count

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Part of being a good broker is knowing how to sell without committing any ethics violations. In this CE course, you will learn about the provincial codes of conduct, privacy, regulations and how to ethically sell, advise, and deal with customers and other stakeholders.


As insurance brokers, we handle client’s money and they depend on us for accurate and impartial advice.  Doing this well is not only good business, we can avoid E&O claims.

Learn about codes of conduct in various provinces & ethics for insurance brokers as it relates to integrity, competence, quality of service, advice to clients, privacy/confidentiality, safekeeping of property, conflicts of interest, fee disclosures, professionalism, service, conduct towards others, etc.

If you would like to enroll in or learn more about these courses, you can contact us or click the links above to sign up online.

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